Sunday, August 24, 2008

oh no

this had me laughing (again, probably not so much were I not stoned)

It's Hilary first video so 'be nice' in the comments. Thanks.

another future gay on his way!

Lovely little fella does his best Mariah impersonation (definitely a future American Idol contestant!)

(don't go read the incredibly ignorant responses to this video from the douchebag viewers of ebaumsworld here

fun times for all y'all

I've gotten some slack for recent posts on here, so in response to my questionable character here are some videos we all will appreciate (especially under the influence of mary j). Some genius called SailorsPlayhouse on youtube has taken some of the worst, weirdest and waajdlksfjnvaowien movies ever made and removed all the least interesting parts and left the best for us to watch. To better understand please enjoy the following clip from Mannequin 2 (yes, a remake of the original Mannequin which made Kim Cattral from Sex and the Clitty a b-list celebrity).

(my favorite part is when Count Hunchenpretzel is greeted at the airport by the fumbling fat man who can't look past his hairy mole! there were a lot of scenes involving hairy moles in eighties movies weren't there?)

And this clip from the film Reform School Girls starring the late, great Wendy O'Williams from the seminal shock rock band The Plasmatics.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

We've come a long way, baby.

The infamous 1941 banned cartoon by Walter Lantz (creator of Woody Woodpecker.) Salvaged from poor quality copies and digitally restored for Historical and Educational purposes.