Sunday, September 14, 2008

Politics and pricks

I know it may seem ridiculous for me to post videos about politics, considering my last post was a kitty queefing - however! I don't know WHO views this blog, but I like to think it is people who give a shit about the upcoming elections in Canada and the U.S.
That being said it's also a forum to share things with people they may have otherwise missed. So here it is.
Janeane Garofalo has become an increasingly relevant and respected mouthpiece for the Democrats. I am with the majority in being turned off by actors and musicians who make political statements in order to get attention, but judging by her fledgling acting career she is certainly not benefiting financially from her political endeavors. She is engaging, incredibly well informed and most importantly passionate about the things every decent person cares about.
Recently she was a panelist on the Bill Maher show along with Salman Rushdie and douchebag writer John Fund. Here is a clip from the show (which can be seen in it's entirety along with a short visit from Roseanne Barr on youtube)