Monday, December 3, 2007

Somethin's Stinky

Riddled with Reality Television, once in awhile a truly despicable and thoroughly memorable REALItY is captured. Like the infamous, and now deceased God Warrior from Trading Spouses and so on. However I remember one moment that everyone but me seems to have missed, and it's totally cringe worthy and humiliating on a level that is hard to even comprehend.

The moment is from Flavor of Love (Flavor Flav's awful reality show in which he tickles the pink of the a bunch of nasty bitches, who are competing for his 'love'. The winning spot is then awarded to the gross bitch who can pretend to stomach his nasty ass for the longest amount of time). All of the female contestants are given really absurd nicknames like Deelishus and Bootz. However this moment revolves around one REAL nasty bitch who goes by 'Somethin'. During a scene where all the girls are toasting some bullshit with Flav, Somethin' can't hold in her KFC (w/Sprite no ice) and drops a big TURD on the floor. You can see her lift up her dress and squat int he following clip. Then she rushes up the stairs to the washroom, leaving more turds behind her for the others to discover.

It was REALLY hard to find this clip.

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