Thursday, November 22, 2007

Before Courtney...there was Farah..

Before Courtney's nauseating appearance on Letterman a few years ago.. there was another trashed blonde making a fool of herself on his show. Farah Fawcett promoting her Xrated body painting Playboy video. I remember seeing this episode when it aired, and since Youtube came about..hoping it would appear on someday. Finally it has!

Famous rich blondes really DO get the best drugs.

Best moment is in clip 2, when Farah thinks the obviously fake N.Y city backdrop on Lettermans set is real.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

in the spirit of bad shape

Perhaps you are aware of the phenomenon perhaps you aren't..

It all started during lunch break at my College. A group of kids were huddled around a laptop awaiting to watch a video their friend was insistent on showing them. The reaction was a unanimous combination of gags, yelps, screams and absolute repulsion.

It turns out MANY people have filmed their friends etc. reactions to watching this horrible video and put them up, the reactions are great to watch.

The video in question will NOT be posted or linked here, but the website devoted to the filmed reactions of innocent victims tricked into watching it.

I suggest if you decide to investigate further the 'video' these people are watching you prepare yourself. It is worse than tub girl (the first internet gross out phenomenon).

The videos of peoples reactions is the amusing part, the video is NOT amusing.

the following link IS SAFE don't worry it's not the link to the gross video, but only peoples reactions to it.


hehehe pug pee

awww my cat use to do this as a kitten

what a retard

Sunday, November 11, 2007

maybe you already know about Koko the Gorilla

but if this. Ignore miss Ching Hai and annoying host and subtitles. Koko rules. She says she loves Reggae music and romantic movies. It's a lot to watch but if you're a geek like me you'll like Koko and her brother Michael.