Thursday, January 3, 2008

this shit can't write itself....

I first came across Ted Haggard the Evangelical in Richard Dawkins BBC series "The Root of all Evil" and was somehow not amazed or surprised he was involved in a gay scandal. It's not a strange coincidence or some phenomenon so many Evangelicals and Christian hardheads are invovlved in gay scandals. If it doesn't make you more of an athiest you are an idiot.

Here is the clip of Ted Haggard (a long time Prince of the NAE, admitting he bought meth from a gay prostitute after being referred to him for a 'massage'. Just look at the look on his WIFE's face during this clip. I don't feel sorry for her but she represents the kind of blind ignorance of other NAE members and religious right.
--------------clip info
Bush associate Ted Haggard, President of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), admits buying Meth from a homosexual prostitute to a KUSA-TV reporter. Says he called him for a "massage" but did neither use the drug nor have sex with the man.

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