Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Schramms Rock n' Roll Couples best performances PT1

Siouxsie and Budgie (The Creatures) performing Exterminating Angel at Glastonbury. Siouxsie and Budgie were married for more than 15 years from 1981 to 2007. Budgie is arguably one of the most enigmatic drummers in the history of Rock n' roll - but his excitement to perform with Siouxsie at Glastonbury is clear at the height and soon (fall) of The Creatures is clear. I bet this was so much fun for both of them.

Ivy Rorsrach and Lux Interior in the video for The Cramps "Like a Bad Girl Should". They didn't hire bimbo extra's, eternally sexy redhead diva Ivy stars in this video and it's obvious how much passion and lust Lux has for his bride. Not by any stretch of the imagination the best Cramps' song, but a really romantic testament to how much they love one another. She is his ultimate video sex icon.

Polly Jean and Nick Cave performing 'Henry Lee' on British Television. You can sense the mutual affection and admiration. This song and video lives on as romantic legend of two of the most enigmatic and influential performers of the past twenty years who have both led admirable careers with no signs of slowing down or getting boring. What a great romance this could have been from a voyeurs perspective. However Nick Cave's shameless revenge dating and collaborating with someone as clearly vapid as Kylie Minogue left PJ with nothing more to say than to question whether Kylie is a person or not "Is that a person?". Testament that most SMART straight guys pray for a girl as smart as them, but when they get them, they can't handle it and find comfort in being with someone less intelligent. Anyway, he is said to be the "man" that broke Pj's heart. But if you ask me she easily outshadows him in this song and almost everything he has done since the Birthday Party, but....

When you are one half of the most influential American post-punk band in the world, and you have ovaries you get second billing by the mainstream press. Husband Thurston Moore was behind his wife in ensuring she got the credit she deserved as a worthy contributor and founder of the legendary Sonic Youth. Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore don't like Courtney Love (anymore). This video is a great example of their love because Thurston (and Kim herself) have always made sure Kim was given equal credit as a songwriter - and this song in particular really made her stand out amongst nineties kids as more than just an element of Sonic Youth but an equal to Thurston as the leader(s) of the band. In this video she incorporates her then protege (Bikini Kills) Kathleen Hanna and once again takes over songwriting credit AND stars in the video for the legendary 'Bull in the Heather'. Kim gets to star with her shameless protege, AND make fun of the 'sell-out' Courtney .

Kurt and Courtney performing Pennyroyal Tea in 1993. One of Rock's most influential couples and there is still no (easy to fin d online) video of them performing together. Instead here is an audio clip of the two, with Courtney making it clear she is upstaged from the get-go saying "Why do you have a microphone on your guitar and I don't have one on mine?". I have never given any credit to any bogus "murder" conspiracy. I think they truly loved one another. If he had lived everyone would be hating on him as much as every other faded nineties hero and Courtney probably wouldn't be as lame as she is today. Here they are, together. I'll never forget the clip on MTV of Kurt saying Courtney was the best 'fuck' he'd ever had and showing the vicious scratch marks on his back. THAT's romance folks.

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