Monday, March 19, 2007

David Letterman appearances you might have missed but should see! (Quality varies)

Harmony Korine 1 and 2

Crispin Glover 1 and 2

Nina Hagen

Frank Zappa

Captain Beefheart I'm stoned and think you should see this (preferably stoned)

Read caption by the person who posted the video FIRST:

So, I rarely watch Late Night, because David Letterman annoys the fuck out of me! But last night I was fucking around with my computer and wasn't paying attention to what was on. I glanced over and I see this guy and this girl sitting behind him, both making the weirdest reactions to stuff that was sad. As tho they could feel that they were on camera, and needed to play it up a bit.
Anyway, enjoy, the lady is just crazy, the guy has some funny facial expressions, especially when the woman says her last name is

I've been laughing so much at these idiots 'I might be on TV' expressions. People are so tragic.