Monday, March 19, 2007

Inland Empire and all things Lynch

The latest David Lynch film Inland Empire is receiving mixed reviews from both critics and fans. It is no surprise to anyone that Lynch's latest opus has been met with both adoration and disappointment. Art in Hollywood is a rare occurrence. Using digital video for the first time Lynch has created what has been hailed as a work to admire.

Here is one of the previews available online:

(Notice the amazing song was created by David Lynch for the film and will hopefully be included in the soundtrack, which also includes songs from Etta James, Beck, Nina Simone and the brilliant Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki)

The next theatrical release dates are as follows:
Milwaukee WI 23-Mar
Asheville, NC NC 23-Mar
Stamford CT 23-Mar
Columbia SC 30-Mar
Keen NH 30-Mar
Williamsburg VA 21-Apr

and the following international release dates according to

Netherlands 5 April 2007
Portugal 5 April 2007
Japan 7 April 2007
Finland 13 April 2007
Germany 26 April 2007
Poland 27 April 2007
Russia 5 July 2007
Czech Republic 12 July 2007

No word on the Canadian release date!?

ALSO check out this amusing clip of David protesting an Oscar nod for Laura Dern. CHEESE IS MADE FROM MILK!

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Anonymous said...

lynch turns shit into solid gold