Monday, November 24, 2008

Before there were blogs to slam Celebrities...

Remember Stuttering John from Howard Stern? Dennis Pennis from the BBC? Who else these days has sincere contempt for celebrity culture and is not AFRAID of calling out a so called A-lister FACE TO FACE? The need for embarrassing celebrities has never been greater!

Sure, long before these bozo's there were tabloid writers and columnists like Liz Smith et al...but you know what - contemporary celebrity dissing via safe distance has reached a new level with blogging. You can say as many mean things about any celebrity with no repercussions from the safety of your laptop parked at Starbucks.

Do you think that fat bitch Perez Hilton would EVER have the balls to slam anyone face to face? He is too busy sucking expensive Call Boys cocks and fucking his dog to do much else than throw shit parties with shit musical guests and draw WindowsPaint cum drops on stolen paparazzi photos of celebrities. Boring.

Anyway here are some face to face celebrity slams from both pre-blog celebrity slammers Stuttering John and Dennis the Pennis.

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