Thursday, November 20, 2008


Remember the phenomenon that was Koko the Gorilla!? She was trained to communicate using American Sign Language and knows over 1,000 signs, and can understand over 2,000 words spoken in English.
(Fun Facts: According to Wikipedia Koko was involved in three sexual harrassment lawsuits by former trainers. Apparently Koko likes NIPPLES, alot.

Anyway, when your a celebrity other celebrities want to meet you - so Koko has gotten the opportunity to grab the crotches of stars like Robin Williams, William Shatner and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Her most notable celebrity friend is none other than the late, Fred Mcfeely (for real) Rogers otherwise known as MR. ROGERS.

Here is a lovely photo of their encounter.

And some lovely video footage of Mr. Rogers being cradled by the horny Gorilla lady.

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