Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now for the second part of my post.

Well you have heard of Gayface - an extremely gay looking face. But have you heard of Pedoface? It's a pretty awful and accusatory term I know AND after seeing almost every episode of To Catch a Predator I know that pedophiles and pervs come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

HOWEVER, every once in awhile I see a face that give me the pedo-hebejebes. A face that just looks perverted - you know? For instance, the diddler character in Todd Solondz opus HAPPINESS was cast perfectly. The actor playing the Pedo HAS Pedoface. See for yourself.

"there's blood in my b.m"

It's something in the eyes, something smushy in and feminine about the features. Well the reason I brought this up is that the much beloved Mr. Rogers as mentioned earlier had pedoface as well - being the host of a childrens show just adds to the creepiness (and very Todd Solondz-y).

Below is a picture of Mr. Rogers and others who I believe suffer from the epidemic known as Pedoface.

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